Are you unemployed . Jobs can be found online. [Apply this way]

Are you unemployed . Jobs can be found online. [Apply by this way]

 Are you unemployed . Jobs can be found in online. [Apply by  this way]
Rabindra Dhungel, 19 august 2020. A person from Sindhuli      used to drive to a college in the capital. He has been unemployed since the government launched a lockdown on corona worldwide on April 25.
He is now looking for a job as he has not seen any change in the opening of schools and colleges. Unable to go to the company because of Coron, he applied for a store keeper on the online platform ‘’.
“I didn’t go out to look for a job because of Corona,” he told .
Similarly, the problem of another person , who worked in a cinema hall before the lockdown, is the same. He is confused about what to do now that the government has completely shut down the crowded place for the time being. He said that he was living in a rented house with his brother and sister. He also applied for a new job on ‘Mero’. However, he is not sure whether he will get a job or not.
Not only them , but also thousands of Nepalese  have become unemployed in the country and abroad with the spread of covid-19 epidemic. Also, many industries, businesses, and trades have been shut down because of the corona. Some employers have fired workers under the pretext of corona.
After a five-month lockdown, the government eased the crackdown on July 20. However, hotels, restaurants, industries, tourism and other businesses have not yet opened.
With the government’s easing of the lockout, many unemployed people like Netra and Vipin have started looking for jobs through digital platforms, i.e. online platforms.
As the number of digital users has increased in recent times, now there is an arrangement to get a job by applying through online plate. In which you can find jobs from online platform, website, Facebook page, Instagram and mobile app.
Unemployed people will be able to apply for a job online through various websites. Similarly, in Nepal, Mero Job,, Global, Jobs Nepal, HR Nepal, Kumari Jawal and other companies have been working to provide jobs by negotiating between employers and job seekers.
Shailendra Giri, the founder of the company, says that he has succeeded in becoming a pioneer of Nepal’s online job.
“Everyone’s activities went down immediately after the lockdown. For five months, only 5 percent of the work was done, ‘Giri said.
However, he said that the vacancies of the employer companies have come down with the closure of business in the market. He says that it is natural that there will be less vacancies from the employers as soon as the lockdown is closed. According to him, the number of people applying for vacancies in the market has increased.
Now that the lockdown has eased, people have started applying for jobs such as managers, accountants, drivers and laborers. My job is to open vacancies for managers, accountants, marketing and office workers. Similarly, at, drivers, laborers, construction helpers, peons and construction workers can apply for the post.
He claims that the online platform ‘My Job’, which was established in 2009, has so far employed more than one lakh people. Similarly, he said that more than 20,000 people have got employment through ‘’ established in 2012.
HR Nepal has also been working for a long time through online platforms for employers, employees and the general public.
Similarly, the number of applicants has increased due to the shortage of vacancies during the lockdown, said Dev Giri, founder of HR Nepal. He is of the view that the number of applicants has also increased due to high unemployment during the lockdown.
“As a result of the lockdown, many businesses have been shut down and staff cuts have been made,” he said.
According to him, the number of vacancies from employers is less than in the past. He says that currently even 10 percent vacancies have not come in the market.
This organization provides job vacancies for people above 12 years of age. In which vacancies are opened for people like official staff, managers, schools, colleges, consultants, manpower, salesmen, accountants.
In the past, 50/60 people used to come to the office to understand, but now the number of people looking for a job by phone or through virtual means has increased. He said that due to the current corona, people are not able to walk outside much, so the employers who need employees have started conducting interviews through virtual ones.
Similarly, according to Pushpa Neupane, Head of Customer Service at Global Jobs Nepal, the market went down due to the lockdown.
“No company can hire new employees in this situation,” she said. “No employer is trying to hire new employees in an emergency.”
According to her, despite the increase in the number of searches, the number of vacancies for employers has come down. According to her, the vacancy rate has dropped by 20 percent. She also said that even during the lockdown period, some people are doing work from home through virtual interviews.
Corona, which has been employing 20 to 25 people in the past, has made it difficult to place even 5 to 10 people, according to the online founders. In addition, 80 percent of employers have said that the number of vacancies has decreased.

All the online founders say that the vacancies have come down due to the fact that most of the companies have made cuts due to the lockdown. As a result, the number of applicants has increased.

This is how you can apply

There is an easy way to find a job online. There are many online companies in Nepal that help connect through employment.

Through the online platform, the online company clearly opens the vacancy to which employer and what level of job. Once opened, they will be able to apply for a suitable job.

The applicant has to submit his / her documents for the application according to the level for which he / she is looking for a job. For this, the company that has opened the vacancy has been making arrangements to link with the company by submitting all kinds of documents. Also, if you are unable to go to the office to give an interview due to the current lockdown, you will give an interview by phone or online.